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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Favorite Time of da Year!


Hello friends!

The elves at Aqua Surf Shop have been working overtime to make sure that we are well stocked for the holiday season. We have something for everybody on your list. For those on your naughty list, we can have shop dog Merle (and his 2 puppies) cook up something for free!

We have watches (Nixon, Freestyle and Electric), Blasters- portable speakers from Nixon, insanely warm wetsuits from Isurus, Patagonia and XCEL. Stance socks, ukeleles, GoPro Black Three plus edition, DVD's, Surfboards and so much more!

Call the shop for any inventory questions, or please stop by. Additionally, we can take online orders for our t-shirts in case any of you are now living elsewhere on this big blue marble via

As always, we appreciate your support! Come on in soon!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Aqua Halloween Meltdown


Aqua Surf Shop brings ya-
at Driftwood Bar. 1225 Folsom St between 8th and 9th
Dj sets by Dr. Aqua, Dj Aquatron, and closing Dj Oli.
Costume contest with prizes from XCEL wetsuits, Aqua Surf Shop, Zann Custom Board bags, and Labianca Custom Belly Boards.
On Halloween- Thursday Oct 31st- doors at 9pm.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Surf Prescriptions Demo, Saturday October 19th.


Surf Prescriptions Demo, Saturday October 19th.
This Fall try out a new prescription!
Once again Doc Lausch of Surf Prescriptions and his merry crew of RNs will be back up for a surfboard demo, Saturday Oct 19th (conditions permitting, cross your fingers). Of course, we will also be cooking up some of da Doc’s famous carne asada tacos, toasting Fall with some cold cervezas, and music by The Sunset Roots Collective- so even if the surf refuses to cooperate we will have a great time with the Doc and crew. Don’t miss out!

To learn more about Surf Prescriptions and see the surfboard line, visit
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Lots of swimwear in for all your Summer adventures.
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Friday, April 19, 2013


As friends were painting on and around the shop, I would run out from working the counter and quickly shoot a little video on my phone. So here is a tiny video I made showing some of their creativity!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kai comes to SF and drops in a bunch of guys- luckily no one was hatcheted!

Kai who helped save some innocent people from a psychopath (Click from the back story) came by the shop.

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Mr. Bill Hickey


Brief summary about the new mural on Leon's old BBQ shack above our surf shop. A motivated art student by the name of Alejandro came to me wanting to do a piece. I asked him to look into the history of our neighborhood a little, and relate his piece to that which interests him. He came back a couple days later excited about one of our local legends, Bill Hickey. Alejandro is inspired by Bill's surfboards which are functional art, beautifully and expertly made by hand! So Alejandro's piece aims to communicate the creative force that emanates from one of our favorite Sunset people- Bill Hickey.
Oh yeah order a board from Bill, you will treasure it! Contact him HERE
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plight of the Torpedo People


Book signing with Keith Malloy:

This Friday night at da Patagonia Store @ 770 North Point Street- Doors at 7PM, event 7:30PM.

Plight of the Torpedo People is a collection of bodysurfing photographs, frame grabs and personal essays documenting the making of Keith Malloy's directorial debut, Come Hell or High Water. The film's coverage of the sport, culture and purity of body surfing garnered Best Film and Best Cinematography awards on the festival circuit.

Join us for the film, slideshow + book signing, free beer, popcorn and more. Director Keith Malloy, photographer Chris Burkard and bodysurfing legend Mark Cunningham will all be here.

Admission is free, but space is limited, so come early to get your spot!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Board Art Benefit was of course- FUN!


I have not been able to update the blog much lately as our Sloat shop got broken into and besides a van load of inventory da crooks took all of our computers. So we have been trying to rebuild all our lost data as well as repair all the physical damage that was done. CROOKS YOU REALLY SUCK!
Now back to positive stuff. I had a great time with last week's Board Art Benefit. At my house, I hosted a bunch of rad artists that came down from Olympia and Portland, they got my mind off of retail and fired up about being creative and taking off on adventures.
The art I created for the event.

I worked with buddy Matt Beard to organize this art benefit/party for Surf Aid International, along with Anthony and Camille of Driftwood Salon Art Gallery (You might remember Anthony from the shop as he worked there for a long time), Emily and Saya of Surf Aid International, and all the SF and North of SF artists- all of us worked incredibly well together and this event was one of the smoothest I have helped produce in a long time. It was nice to be able to relax when the event opened to the public instead of running around trying to fix various things. The gallery looked great with all the art installed, The beer from Kona Brewery tasted great, Likwifi played awesome sets of music, and best of all was the H A P P Y vibe from everyone there! Thank you to all the nice, grounded people that came to the show- you made me a little less jaded about humans.

Surf Aid put up a great summary of the event with lot's of great pictures. CHECK IT OUT HERE!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Board Art Benefit June 9th at Driftwood ArtSalon!


Driftwood Salon art gallery
39 Isis St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(near 12th and Folsom Streets.)
click here for map

One Night Only!
Saturday June 9, 2012
6-10 pm

Art makers & Board shapers working together to benefit SurfAid International.
Live Music from Humboldt County’s Likwefi!
Kona Beers.

We are stoked to work with fellow artist Matt Beard and Surf Aid International to put together a rad night for a good cause!
Come and enjoy a night of artwork infused with the clean lines of master craftsmen from the surfing world, set to the infectious rhythm’s of live music from Humboldt County’s Likwefi. Enjoy a Kona beer while taking it all in at the Driftwood ArtSalon art gallery in the heart of San Francisco.

Building on our collection of boards from our previous event held in San Diego (over half of which have now sold to collectors) we recently invited well over a dozen new artists to team up with shapers of their choice to create unique objects of art with the surfboard as the common substrate. With styles of art ranging from pure abstraction to gritty realism, from surreal visions to the honest captures of a camera’s lens, with narratives both visual and verbal, we are excited to present to you perhaps one of the most unique quivers of contemporary collectable surfboards ever assembled for a single cause. Many of the boards in this collection have significant values of their own, just by virtue of the hands that crafted them. The artists we’ve invited bring their lifelong skills honed in creating one-of-a-kind works of art to the boards, resulting in boards that just can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

This will be the only chance for Bay Area collectors to catch a glimpse of these incredible boards in person before they are taken to Southern California for an Auction Event that SurfAid International will be hosting later this year. All of the boards will be available for purchase at pre-auction prices with at least 50% of each sale going directly to SurfAid International to support SurfAid’s humanitarian efforts on the Mentawai and Nias islands in Indonesia. You don’t want to miss your chance to see these boards in person and meet many of the artists and shapers who will be in attendance, learn more about SurfAid International, and have a great time. We hope to see you there!
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Bold Italic interview


I had been coming to Aqua Surf Shop for years to load up on bars of wax and to talk boards and wetsuits with the co-owner Aleks Petrovitch, but this was the first time I had ever broached the topic of his artistic projects. “ There’s only so much room for creativity in retail,” he told me one day as he was sticking price tags on tubes of sunscreen. “So you have to make room for your own. ” Aleks interprets that to mean creating children’s books. And surf horror movies...

Nice interview about the shop, Aleks, and his other projects such as Gnomie on The Bold Italic. Thanks to Mark and Andria for putting it together. Check out the rest HERE and enjoy-
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Friday, December 16, 2011

When we surf da web we surf Korduroy TV

Korduroy TV is one of our favorite Surf Blog/mags out there on da interweb, now Reis and Cy need a little support.

"In the the two years since the launch of Korduroy.TV, we have given you over a thousand blog posts and videos without the help of investors or sponsors. We are about to launch Korduroy.TV 2.0, taking us from a simple video blog to a full-fledged interactive website with all kinds of new things to geek out on when your boss isn’t looking. But cool new websites aren’t cheap so we need to raise $18,000 USD to help cover the cost of producing our videos in 2012.

Not only does your contribution ensure that you’ll be watching even more insane stuff on Korduroy next year, but you’ll also get your choice of offers and gear that are really cool and limited edition."

so help da boys out!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Innersections II


A very mellow film screening.
This Thursday eve will throw up da OLD film screen and project the NEW surf film INNERSECTIONS II. So come by the Sloat shop a li’l before 7:30 pm for a mellow screening of Taylor Steele’s newest film. You will be sitting on da wood floor so bring a yoga mat/etc if you would like.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Come check out-


Friday, November 18 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm at Aqua Surf Shop at 1742 Haight Street

Come see new imagery from Photographer Rob Brodman at our Haight location- " I've been swimming with my camera a lot lately. Really enjoying it and feel like I found a way to make all the images I've been seeing for years surfing." So come grab a drink and check out Rob's new work at the opening reception- Friday, November 18th at 7Pm till 9pm.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

2012 Winter Wetsuits at Aqua

As we enter our Winter season it is time to anticipate good waves but also COLD WATER! These are the three wetsuit brands we are proud to carry through the 2011/2012 season and are CONFIDENT that they are well-built, functional- and they are built to help us evolve in our own surfing, keeping us WARM and PROTECTED from the elements!

Be on the look out for in-shop demos and talks from the reps as to why these brands are special.

The local company ISURUS delivers one of the most unique and well-made performance suits we have ever worn! We have found that these suits take a bit more time and care to put on than you're average wetsuit, which is because they are the most form-fitting wetsuits ever! They feel like a second skin, not something that's going to get in the way of your surfing. SUMMARY (again) this is the best performance oriented suit we have used! Isurus suits are well made with premium closed cell neoprene, plenty warm, very light and fair priced. Come check them out!

Learn more HERE

I-ELITE 4/3/4 $499.95

I-EVADE HOODED 4/3/4 $549.95

Everyone knows Patagonia's commitment to building the best equipment possible, in the new R3 wetsuits, it is evident in their attention to detail.

"It takes about 6 hours and 45 minutes to make a Patagonia full suit. That’s about twice as long as it takes to make most wetsuits. (We know; we make ours in some of the same factories as our competitors.) Quality this good only comes with time and care."

What we found from using the new R3s last January, was confidence to enter those chilly water and wind conditions we have here mid winter in SF. Unlike other suits, where after a two hour session you start to really get cold, the R3's merino wool lining kept us at a more constant warmth from the beginning to the end of our sessions. Also we were happy to find the suit did not feel as heavy or thick once surfing as we previously mis-assumed. SUMMARY- an incredibly well made (the cleanest/strongest stitching we have ever seen), well fitting, WARM, functional wetsuit. Also a huge plus is the drying time. These suits will almost completely dry overnight in room temp, which is obviously nice to put on a dry suit on those cold mornings.

Learn more about the R3 and see a video about Patagonia's new wetsuits made by Chris Malloy and Jason Baffa HERE

R3 $550

R3 W/HOOD $575.

Xcel continues to make some of the best wetsuit products on the market. The Drylock wetsuit has won wetsuit of the year for 3 years from SIMA!
SUMMARY- Xcel is our best selling brand, we've been using and selling them for 12 years now, and they only get better. Xcel's booties are the best we've used- functional, and warm, as well as their whole line of wetsuit accessories!

"We're excited and proud to be honored by our industry once again," says Xcel president Ed D'Ascoli. "Our focus on delivering the best possible product ensures that our wetsuit innovations and technologies are constantly evolving in terms of warmth, performance, stretch, and beyond. So it's a real honor having our peers recognize the INFINITI DRYLOCK line as it's evolved from year to year."
more about Xcel HERE

SLX 4/3 $150
XZIP 4/3 $325
XZIP2 5/4/3 $360
DRYLOCK 4/3 $450
DRYLOCK 5/4/3 $475
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