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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good music and a clean Beach!


Our friends at Another Planet Entertainment, Save da Waves, and the local chapter of The Surfrider Foundation have organized a beach clean up the Saturday and Sunday during the Outside Lands Music Festival. Help keep the beach clean then go enjoy some amazing performances. All the info is below- Thanks


Outside Lands, SF Surfrider and Save The Waves team up to go for the largest, most rockin’ San Francisco beach cleanup ever!

Please join us Saturday, August 29th and Sunday, August 30th from 10am-12pm at stairwell 17 to clean Ocean Beach! It’s along the Great Highway between Fulton and Lincoln in San Francisco in front of the Beach Chalet.

Musicians, artists, surfers, environmentalists, and ocean lovers are invited to join us across from Golden Gate Park to clean up trash on Ocean Beach and celebrate the Outside Lands Festival's mission of a cleaner, greener existence. Ocean Beach is one of the favorite spots for Bay Area surfers and beach goers alike. Due to its proximity to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach will likely feel the impact of concert-goers throughout the festival weekend. It is up to us to minimize this impact, and spare the beach and the ocean of the waste that would otherwise remain forever.

Bring yourself, a friend and your own water bottle (water will be provided, but not bottles) and help us make Ocean Beach safe, clean and green throughout Outside Lands weekend. All other supplies will be provided. Thanks for helping out!

For more information, visit or

Facebook Event (link to
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Riverock and Skydar visit Tiki Oasis.

Skydar and Riverock, the dirty hippies that they are, did not really seem to fit into the scene at Tiki Oasis at first. Many of the “tikispters” did not seem able to relate to anyone that was not wearing the designated uniform of- Fez Hat, super unique aloha shirt with matching shorts, or super loud Muumuu Dress.

Riverock and Skydar cannot even match their socks.

Riverock and Skydar were- at first, a little frustrated by this alienation from their colorfully adorned brothers. I mean hell, as far as we know; Tiki Bars partly blossomed from post WWII fears and anxieties. During the time of the Red Scare, you were deemed a Commie if you even looked strange. The post war Tiki Bars were a place of refuge, a place where one could pocket such paranoia, and act as a savage- with a good rum drink in hand. Basically making early tiki bar patrons closeted hippies way before we started to see actual hippies like Skydar and myself.

Then we smoked out and mellowed out. We used our third eyes/sixth chakra to get over our paranoid egos, and had a great time! Tiki Oasis is the largest tiki gathering ever! There are various Tiki vendors of hand carved tiki poles, tiki mugs, black velvet paintings, spread throughout the Hanalei hotel’s massive courtyard. Legendary surf and exotica bands jam at da main stage. Each night Oasis fans adorn them selves in their finest tiki wear and consume mass amounts of Mai Tais. How could you not have a good time?

Otto and Baby Doe (the creators of Tiki Oasis) asked us to make a short film presentation of the history of surfing. So we made Riverock and Skydar’s SURFISTORY, a one time showing of Riverock and Skydar’s loose/stoney knowledge of surf history. Our setting was a fictional tiki bar in Tijuana, where an uppity bartender (Otto) warms up to Riverock and Skydar as they begin to talk about surfing’s roots. We edited together great vintage footage that we found form Oddball film and video, some classic Macgillivray and Freeman, some clips from Richard Kenvin’s new film, Hydrodynamica, some big wave footage from the trailer for FUELED, from the talented folks (Eric Nelson, Curt Myers, and Chris Wilson) at Powerlines Productions, and some classic shots from Steve Spaulding’s Bali Hai, to make a silly, irrelevant presentation. We followed up with some good soul music form DJ Phast Phreedie and lots of rum, which made for a very good time!

Our buddy Ed Son put it best when he said- “This is like living in a cartoon, Man!.” From our experience at Tiki Oasis that is not necessarily a bad thing. We’ll see you next year. Thank you Otto and Baby Doe! For more info about Tiki Oasis click HERE.
All photos are by Tim Ott.

Skydar and Riverock arrive at Tiki Oasis 9!
Crusing thru the main event area of Tiki Oasis taking pictures with da pretty ladies.
This is Otto, the mad man behind Tiki Oasis, and the publisher of one of my favorite mags- TIKI NEWS
Let the Surfistory lecture begin, it went well until...
Riverock started passing out shrooms while lecturing about mind expansion and surfing.
Kate Flannery who plays Meredith Palmer from da TV show The Office seemed to enjoy our show and did not seem to mind hugging a stinky hippy.
This charming fellow did not like our show!
Dancing to da beats of Phast Phreedie!
We met many new Mai Tai induced friends at Tiki Oasis 9!
The Phantom Surfers rock da main stage at Tiki Oasis 9!

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Monday, August 17, 2009



Master craftsman of performance shortboards Xanadu, will be hanging out at the Sloat Shop this Tuesday at 1, come by to talk boards.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009



The Ambiguous Team-
Jason Adams
JT Aultz
Corey Duffel
James Brockman
Sid Melvin
Sean Conover
Jimmy Carlin

Are coming to skate the mini behind the shop next Tuesday the 18th from 3 to 5pm, come check em, and we’ll be cooking up some food on the Que.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tiki Oasis 9


From the foggy and frigid beaches of San Francisco, RiverRock ( and Skydar ( are coming to Tiki Oasis 9 to bring on the after party!

That's right, Otto has asked us to take you on an abbreviated adventure thru the annals of surfing - Hell after this presentation your pretty much going to be an experienced surfer!- but don't get too serious, because after all its Saturday Night at Tiki Oasis #9! So right after our short film, we will host the official TO9 After Party! Throw in some sexy Devil-Ettes with DJ Skydar and Phast Phreddie rocking the turntables and this is ONE surf Tiki Oasis party you don’t want to miss!!!! For all the info visit, but hurry tickets for Tiki Oasis are almost sold out!

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